Departmental Bulletin Paper 訪問介護員の自己効力感についての探索的研究 : 尺度構造の検討
Exploratory study on self-efficacy of home-visit caregivers : examination of structure of scale

今村, 圭子  ,  イマムラ, ケイコ  ,  Imamura, Keiko

9pp.1 - 8 , 2017-11-30 , 鹿児島国際大学大学院
This study focused on self-efficacy of home-visit caregivers for their jobs and elucidated the structure of self-efficacy.Firstly, three hundred institutions for long-term care in Japan were selected by using random sampling, and a total of sixhundred home-visit caregivers working in the institutions participated in the survey with a free-description questionnaire.Sixty-nine question items in nine domains were carefully extracted with the classification of sentences having the samemeaning and the repetition of the contents in the examination. To review the internal validity, experts in aged care andadministrators of home visiting care service institutions were asked to examine the validity and plans of expressions,and a draft for scale was prepared. Secondly, using the draft for the measuring scale, a survey was conducted whereeighty-three institutions for long-term care in A Prefecture were randomly selected and a total of five hundred homevisitcaregivers working in the institutions participated. Prior to beginning the item data analysis, we referred to the dataprovided by opinions written on the free description of the questionnaires, eliminated question items showing a ceilingeffect and a floor effect, and performed factor analysis of forty-nine items by the unweighted least square method. Basicattitude toward users, feelings toward users, improving their skills and basic attitude toward their jobs were postulatedas a tentative theory. Considering the possibilities of interpretations, the four-factor structure was regarded as valid andfactor analyses was performed repeatedly. Therefore, the results clarified configuration factors of self-efficacy of homevisitcaregivers.As a result, as a component factor of the self-efficacy of the visiting caregiver, the first factor is tightening,the second factor efforts to maintain and improve life, the third factor self-study, and the fourth factor is responsibilityfulfillment Was suggested.

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