Departmental Bulletin Paper 保安職業従事者とその家族へのソーシャルワークに関する試論 (2) : 米国の Military Social Work の現状と養成課程を参考に
A consoderation of social work for security workers and their families (2) : based on the present state of the military social work andthe training course of the United States

田中, 顕悟  ,  タナカ, ケンゴ  ,  Tanaka, Kengo

36 ( 2 )  , pp.127 - 136 , 2017-10-01 , 鹿児島国際大学福祉社会学部
本研究では、前稿「保安職業従事者とその家族へのソーシャルワークに関する試論 (1)」に引き続き、保安職業従事者(特に自衛官)とその家族を対象としたソーシャルワークに関し、NASW Standards for Social Work Practice with Services,Vetarans & Their Familiesを題材に論考を行った。それにより、Military Social Wbrkの展開に際しては、その対象領域の固有性を考慮した倫理・価値ならびに展開過程における知識・技術等の習得が必要であることが明らかとなった。また、それらは保安職業従事者(特に自衛官)とその家族を取り巻く生活環境の変化等に伴い、彼らが直面する可能性のある生活課題への支援活動について、予防的に検討を進める際の一助になることを提言した。
In this research, a study was carried out using the "NASW Standards for Social Work Practice with Services, Veterans & Their Families" to examine social work, specifically in regard to defense force servicemen (particularly Self-DefenseForce Officials) and their families, and continues the work of the previous manuscript: "A Consoderation of Social Workfor Security workers and their families (1)." In doing so, the conclusion has been met that in the development of militarysocial work, not only is it necessary employ the acquisition of the ethics/values inherent to the field of study, but also theknowledge/skills in the development process. Furthermore, the findings make it clear that the consideration to recommend support services as a preventative measure against any potential problems that may confront Security workers (particularly Self-Defense Force Officials) and their families as they undergo changes to their living environments may be helpful.

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