Departmental Bulletin Paper 日本の精神保健福祉施策の展開とリカバリーに関する一考察
A study on recovery and deployment of Japan's mental health welfare measures

中條, 大輔  ,  ナカジョウ, ダイスケ  ,  Nakajyo, Daisuke

8pp.19 - 33 , 2016-11-30 , 鹿児島国際大学大学院
It is hard to say that the notion of recovery is still entrenched in Japan when we think of the current state of Japan'spsychiatric care and average length of stay, which is projected especially with reference to the case of dependents of special provisions for psychiatricand private hospitalization. Consider a historical overview of Japan's mental health and welfare measures. From the "Accommodation of the Home of Psychiatric Patients," "Psychiatric Patients' CustodyLaw," and "Mental Hospital Law" to the modern "Law Relatedto Mental Health and Welfareof the Person with MentalDisorder," and the post-war "Mental Hygiene Law," mental health and welfare measures that focus on isolation and hospitalization of the psychiatric patient continue to be mandatorily implemented. Thus, the main determiner for recovery continuesto be the nation, indicating that the norm of subjectivity, as determined by the user in the treatment, has not existed for a long time . Indeed, this is the greatest factor inhibiting the users' recovery. In the future, we must seek more reflective concepts for recovery in mental health and welfare measures.

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