Departmental Bulletin Paper 生協の組織・事業・経営の状況と課題 : 生協コープかごしまを対象に
Current situation and challenges of the organization, business and management of the Co-op. : to target the Consumers' cooperative "Co-op Kagoshima"

渡辺, 克司  ,  ワタナベ, カツシ  ,  Watanabe, Katsushi

43 ( 1 )  , pp.1 - 17 , 2015-09-30 , 鹿児島国際大学附置地域総合研究所
In this paper, based on the awareness of the issue, by comprehending organizations and businessof the Co-op, furthermore, image and usage for Co-op of union members, and economic situationof union members, the role and significance of the Co-op business coalition and the position ofCo-op in food market will be organized.On top of that, from a case analysis of Consumers’ cooperative “Co-op Kagoshima”, we makea link, especially, the “Direct connection between the producer and consumer” called the “Certificationsystem of direct marketing by two parties” to “food”/ consumer = co-op members and“agriculture”/producer, then, reveals that there is a possibility that it becomes an opportunitythat Community development as “social relationship” be transformed, and at the same time,clarifies that there is a possibility to link to “Entity formation”  as consumer  = co-op members,Co-op staffs, workers, producers, and farmers.

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