Departmental Bulletin Paper 過疎地域の地域福祉計画はいかにあるべきか
Community welfare plans for depopulated areas that should be developed

高橋, 信行  ,  タカハシ, ノブユキ  ,  Takahashi, Nobuyuki

43 ( 2 )  , pp.1 - 18 , 2016-03-30 , 鹿児島国際大学
The present paper discusses what community welfare plans for depopulated areas should bedeveloped by local governments.Although the law requires local governments to develop a variety of welfare plans, thinktanks and other organizations are commissioned to design such plans and community residentsare not involved in their development in most cases.This preliminary study examined the plans designed by three municipalities in Tokunoshimaand the preparations for the development of community welfare plans in Minami-Osumi-cho, andproposed several ideas to help municipalities showing depopulation develop meaningful planswithout difficulty. Effective planning was conducted by combining the action research method, inwhich the results of questionnaire surveys involving community residents are conveyed to them,with a method based on workshops for community residents.

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