Departmental Bulletin Paper 鹿児島市花尾町における地域イメージの調査
The measurement of inhabitants' image of the village : the case of Hanao district in Kagoshima City

富澤, 拓志  ,  トミザワ, ヒロシ  ,  Tomizawa, Hiroshi

42 ( 2 )  , pp.53 - 74 , 2015-03-30
This study was conducted in corporation with the prefectural bureau for rural development inorder to identify the image of a rural district, Hanao-machi, where about 415 families lived inKagoshima prefecture of Japan. 305 questionnaires were gathered from a wide variety of residentsin age, jobs and hamlets, and the results were analyzed by ANOVA, primary factor analysisand cluster analysis and multiple regression analysis. The result of the analysis indicates thatthere can be separated three groups that have different images to the village. The quantificationanalysis suggests that the differences of villagers’ image can be partially explained by age, especiallythe difference between children and adults is remarkable. The group of middle aged, 20-50year-old person has the worst image of the village, reflecting that they tend to feel inconvenienceand stagnant atmosphere in managing their works and families’ lives. the analysis also showsthat the degree or the strength of favor or love for village can be measured by the factors thatconstitute the image of village. The preference as to the direction for the village’s developmentis dependent on the personal preference on outgoingness and association with neighbors.

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