Departmental Bulletin Paper ドイツにおけるハルツIV法の導入と就労支援 (1)
Introduction of the Hartz IV law and support for employment in Germany

田畑, 洋一  ,  タバタ, ヨウイチ  ,  Tabata, Yoichi

34 ( 4 )  , pp.1 - 14 , 2016-02-01 , 鹿児島国際大学福祉社会学部
Establishment of the minimum life security with actual effects cannot be fully realized only through the "safety net" to support needy persons who require relief assistance in their lives. From a view point of "re-inclusion" of a person with working capacity in a labor market after providing minimum life security, the focus of necessary welfare reform will be put first on the elimination of institutional factors that impede the "inclusion" of people, who require relief assistance and have working capacity, in the labor market. The unemployment benefits and social assistance reform in Germany as a part of labor market reform was implemented from this perspective. In relation to this, in Japan, the Support System for Job Seekers was enforced in October 2011, and the proactive "Act on Services and Supports for the Self-Support of the Needy" was enforced in April 2015, from a viewpoint of establishment of the safety net providing multi-layered supports in citizens' daily lives in our country. In this paper, I would like to reorganize the matters related to the Hartz IV Law and support for employment in Germany and refer to the effects of the Harts reform.

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