Departmental Bulletin Paper 認知症高齢者支援システムとセルフヘルプ・グループ機能に関する研究 : 認知症の人と家族の会A県支部会員の取り組みより
A Study on support systems and self-help groups for senior citizens with dementia : based on activities by a prefectural chapter of the Alzheimer's Association of Japan

福﨑, 千鶴  ,  フクザキ, チズル  ,  Fukuzaki, Chizuru

7pp.11 - 21 , 2015-11-30 , 鹿児島国際大学大学院
This study examines support systems for elderly patients with dementia, based on data taken from interviews with members of the Alzheimer's Association of Japan (henceforth known as the AAJ). We particularly focused on supportsystems that involved practices used by self-help groups. We conducted semi-structured interviews with 14 members of the AAJ from July to October 2007. We analysed the data using a revised version of grounded theory. The study's core theme is accurate awareness of dementia and understanding the functions of self-help group'. It seems highly possiblethat the inadequate provision of proper support is partly due to a lack of awareness in society regarding dementia and the importance of self-help groups.Members of AAJ have grown through participating in self-help groups activities; simultaneously, they, haveendeavoured to build a better society that includes a proper support system for elderly patients with seems that multifaceted, integrated support in health preservation, medical care, welfare, education, and research are needed to support the lifestyle sought by seniors with dementia. It is important for all people, including dementia patients, to be able to function as resources in society, and to cultivate the various resources that they have at their disposal.

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