Departmental Bulletin Paper 準市場原理の理論的枠組みと公的介護保険制度
The theoretical framework of quasi-market principles and the long-term care insurance system

石踊, 紳一郎  ,  イシオドリ, シンイチロウ  ,  Ishiodori, Shinichiro

7pp.1 - 9 , 2015-11-30 , 鹿児島国際大学大学院
From the 1980's in developed countries, the basic structure of welfare provision began to be radically reformed byintroducing competition in provision. This accelerated the movement toward the market environment and privatization.This is called the movement toward a quasi-market. The reforms of the long-term care insurance system and socialwelfare system of Japan, which were introduced in the year of 2000 (the twelfth year of Heisei), were regarded asexamples of structural reforms involving the characteristics of a quasi-market. In this thesis I try to read thoroughly thebooks published in the UK to show and organize the principles of a quasi-market introduced in UK and also try toanalyze by using the framework of a quasi-markets how far and wide the market mechanism has been introduced intoJapan's long-term care insurance system. The result of analyses reveals that mechanism of competition has not been set to work satisfactorily owing to the limit in the user choices of services which was caused by the insufficiency of thedisclosure of information, although the aim of the reformwas to improvethe quality of services provided by letting inmany different service providers. So I considerit very important and necessary for Japan to become more positivelyinvolved in the improvement of the quality of the service provided.

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