Departmental Bulletin Paper 島嶼集落における社会的かかわり状況と見守り、防災、医療体制について : 奄美大島大和村における中高年者調査から
Social interaction, supporting system,disaster prevention measures, and medical system of an island village : a survey of the middle-aged and elderly persons living in Yamato Village of Amami Oshima

小窪, 輝吉  ,  岩崎, 房子  ,  大山, 朝子  ,  田畑, 洋一  ,  田中, 安平  ,  髙山, 忠雄  ,  コクボ, テルヨシ  ,  イワサキ, フサコ  ,  オオヤマ, アサコ  ,  タバタ, ヨウイチ  ,  タナカ, ヤスヒラ  ,  タカヤマ, タダオ  ,  Kokubo,Teruyoshi  ,  Iwasaki, Fusako  ,  Oyama, Asako  ,  Tabata, Yoichi  ,  Tanaka, Yasuhira  ,  Takayama, Tadao

34 ( 2 )  , pp.45 - 64 , 2015-10-01 , 鹿児島国際大学福祉社会学部
The purpose of the study was to assess the present state of the social interaction, the supporting system, the disaster prevention measures, and the medical system in Yamato Village of Amami Oshima island. A questionnaire was personally delivered to 1240 residents of 40-year-old and above and later picked up by commissioned welfare volunteers. The number of people who responded to the questionnaire was 928 and the rate of collection was 74.8%.Neighborhood interaction decreased a little. Social interaction of women was higher than men. Social interaction of the elderly was lower than the younger. Although there were spontaneous watch activities in a natural way, the elderly hoped to have the local supporting system for them. The voluntary organizations for disaster prevention were well functioned, butthere remained challenges of the measures for the vulnerable people and the emergency evacuation. With respect to themedical system, there was satisfaction with the community clinic, buton the other hand, there remained wishes regarding emergency medical system and specialized medical service. There were also social and natural problems that the shopping was inconvenient, and that the poisonous snake harmed people, and so on .
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