Departmental Bulletin Paper ドイツ救貧制度の展開 : 救貧扶助の改革と再編・分化
The development of the German poor relief organization : reform, reorganization and differentiation of the poor support

田畑, 洋一  ,  タバタ, ヨウイチ  ,  Tabata, Yoichi

34 ( 2 )  , pp.17 - 29 , 2015-10-01 , 鹿児島国際大学福祉社会学部
The development of the poor relief system in Germany, or the process of expansion and subdivision of support by towns and villages, was the embodied process of the concept of citizens' social reform led by studies. Both of the tendency of studies and rationalization were the fundamental principle for public support by towns and villages and the reform and expansion of the private charitable work. Above all, the study that determined the contents of supporting facilities provided by towns and villages was the study of preventive health. "Health" is the key word, and even if the political viewpoints are opposed, this value can reach a consensus. Therefore, supportby towns and villages gradually developed into "human services" such as advising individually. Since it's difficult to systematize the process of the development of such public support business, we describe how each field of support has developed, at least its basic characteristics.

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