Departmental Bulletin Paper Translation in Language Teaching (TILT) : Implementing translation techniques as effective communicative tools in the language learning/teaching environment
TILT(言語教育における翻訳) : 外国語教育・学習における効果的なコミュニケーション・ツールとしての翻訳の利用

ラムスデン, 多夏子

51pp.249 - 274 , 2018-03 , 京都産業大学
Translation in language teaching (TILT) has long been underestimated, or even disregarded, as a valuable communicative tool for L2 learners, despite the fact that it has never disappeared as a learning tool and is actually a common skill used in real life to enable different parties to communicate effectively with each other. As a counterargument to these conventional views, this paper will first discuss how effective and helpful translation can be in L2 teaching and learning in terms of developing skills for communication in L2 learners from the viewpoints of translation for communication and translation as a communication strategy.Thereafter, following examination of the significance of L1 use, TILT is investigated including past arguments for and against TILT, as well as actual L2 learners’ perceptions toward translation. Finally, two TILT activity examples are introduced to provide ideas for utilizing translation in the classroom, with the conclusion that translation should certainly be considered more closely as a method or technique in teaching and learning L2.

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