Departmental Bulletin Paper The Textbook Selection and Evaluation Process for an Intermediate Level English Oral Communication Course
大学英語教育における教科書選択と評価のプロセスに関する一考察 : オーラル・コミュニケーション(中級)における実践
大学英語教育における教科書選択と評価のプロセスに関する一考察 : オーラル・コミュニケーション( 中級) における実践

キャメロン, ロムニー  ,  ホールズワース, マイケル

49pp.493 - 508 , 2016-03 , 京都産業大学
This article reviews the systematic processes and selection criteria employed in order to evaluate and choose new textbook material for part of an EFL oral communication curriculum at a Japanese University. It reviews the context of where this selection took place, the issues that brought the need for a change forth, and the steps taken to make the necessary changes. A brief review of textbook selection issues is discussed followed by an explanation of the rubric created and how it was applied. Finally, the results of the selection, a discussion about the processes, and pedagogical and institutional implications are discussed.

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