Departmental Bulletin Paper 断章「気晴らし」の成立過程 : 最終段階
La dernière étape dans l’histoire génétique du manuscrit du Divertissement : Les deux autres versions que la « plurilecture » a permis de reconstituer à partir du manuscrit du Divertissement

湟野, 正満

49pp.321 - 343 , 2016-03 , 京都産業大学
By means of the “Plurilecture” or “multi-reading” that I invented for the reading of Pascal’s manuscript of Pensées, I have found that on the manuscript of the famous fragment “Divertissement” in Pascal’s Pensées exist successively superimposed six layers of three pieces of writings (the first is private and untitled; the second is entitled “Misère de l’homme”; the third “Divertissement”). In my last paper (Les trois écrits que la “plurilecture” a permis de reconstituer à partir du manuscrit de “Divertissement” in Courrier du Centre international Blaise Pascal, No. 36, pp. 13–23, Clermont-Ferrand, FRANCE), I published three versions (the first version of the first piece, the second piece of which there is only one version, and the third version of the third piece). In this paper, I give the first and second versions of the third piece. Needless to say, “Divertissement” is a fragment that was not completed because of the death of the philosopher. Comparison of these two versions and the third version of the third piece shows us the final stage of the development of “Divertissement”.

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