Departmental Bulletin Paper 船舶の航海最適化技術の精密化とオンボード航海支援装置への適用のための処理効率化
Improvement of Navigation Optimization Technologies and Effective Data Processing for On-Board Control Equipment

金丸, 英幸

57 ( 1 )  , pp.45 - 60 , 2017-07-27 , 長崎総合科学大学附属図書館運営委員会
Recently, air-pollution caused by ships’ ocean navigation is the object of attention and efforts to reduce exhaust gases in fields such as new hull design, development of effective engines and so on. In this paper, the optimum navigation control technology is improved for the purpose of exhaust gas reduction by optimizing steering control and adjustment of main engine outputs to analyze main engine fuel-oil consumption under forecasts of sea conditions more precisely than the preceding study1). Moreover, the most suitable solution is presented for application to the real-time navigation control system on-board.

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