Departmental Bulletin Paper 陽熱負荷量と土壌病原菌の消毒効果との関係
Relationship between Solar Heating Load Amount and Sterilization of Soil-borne Fungus

下高, 敏彰  ,  日當, 明男  ,  橋本, 知義  ,  大場, 和彦

57 ( 1 )  , pp.39 - 44 , 2017-07-27 , 長崎総合科学大学附属図書館運営委員会
 We examined incidence of the tomato damping-off that I carried out in farm of national agricultural research center in Tukuba city and relations with the solar heating load amount. Furthermore, we examined relations with solar heating load amount and other soil-borne fungus from past documents. The solar heating load amount when soil solarization effect for tomato damping-off was higher than 2755.6 ℃・hrs in case of depth 5cm and setting death-temperature 40 ℃ and, higher than 1089.4 ℃・hrs in the case of depth 15cm and setting death-temperature 40 ℃. As for the heating load amount when the constant temperature test of the other soil-borne fungus was higher than 98 ℃・hrs in case of soil-borne fungus death-low temperature, and the soil-borne fungus death-middle temperature was higher than 240 ℃・hrs, the soil-borne fungus death-high temperature was higher than 480 ℃・hrs. But these results are guessed if it becomes higher than these values in the farm, because soil solarization is influenced by the weather. It will be necessary to clarify relationship between solar heating load amount and sterilization of the other soil-borne fungus in case of farm condition in future.

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