Departmental Bulletin Paper 空間補正機能を付与した線形最小二乗法による非線形カーブフィッティング
Non-linear Curve Fitting by Linear Least-squares Method with Space Compensation Ability

金丸, 英幸

56 ( 1 )  , pp.22 - 35 , 2016-07-14 , 長崎総合科学大学附属図書館運営委員会
 Recently, new technologies such as Industry4.0 and/or Internet of Thing (IoT) are being studied as part of rapid advances in information and communication technology (ICT), where the importance of real-time processing is anticipated to increase. The least-squares method (LSM) is one of the most popular ways to determine the characteristics of measured data. Iteration calculation is frequently used to obtain a high preciseness on the batch processing in LSM applied to non-linear curve fitting, but adaptive control equipment and other real-time computer systems need to reduce the steps of data processing for time-sharing. In this paper, a new linear LSM with space compensation ability is presented to balance high preciseness and reduction of the amount of data processing even for non-linear curve fitting, and it is evaluated in comparison with results from linear LSM without space compensation ability and non-linear LSM with iteration.

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