Departmental Bulletin Paper 長崎華僑時中小学校と卒業生の今
Nagasaki Jichu Elementary School and the Present Status of Graduates in Nagasaki

元田, 謙亮

56 ( 1 )  , pp.1 - 9 , 2016-07-14 , 長崎総合科学大学附属図書館運営委員会
To observe the effect of the education in Nagasaki Jichu Elementary School which was the only school for students of Chinese Immigrants in the Kyushu area, the present status of Chinese descendants, I contacted several descendants of Chinese immigrants who had studied at that school through their interviews, I found a similarity among the participants. It depends on their personal choice whether or not students can make a good use of the educational career at Nagasaki Jichu Elementary School. Only the persons who decided to work in the Chinese community receive its merits, because Chinese culture and education at Nagasaki Jichu Elementary School are so unusual in the Japanese society.

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