Departmental Bulletin Paper 国際道徳授業「老いの形」の意義と学習案--資料「手品師」批判を介して
Significance and Lesson Plan of the transcultural Moral Education Lesson “Style of Old Age”--Via a meta-criticism, based upon the "Magician" learning material

上薗, 恒太郎  ,  畑島, 英史

55 ( 1 )  , pp.1 - 16 , 2015-06-23 , 長崎総合科学大学附属図書館運営委員会
This paper assesses the views of educational scholars’ criticism in their standpoints on moral education, and proposes a new type of moral education lesson, which: 1) enhances self-affirmative consciousness in children 2); reflects tasks of concern to modern society; 3), considers an attitude from the standpoint of a human being, and 4) includes an assessment by the children involved.

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