Departmental Bulletin Paper A review of Jerome Bruner’s educational theory : Its implications for studies in teaching and learning and active learning (secondary publication)

松本, 浩司

  This article reviews Jerome Bruner’s educational theory in reference to his life works to discuss its implications for studies in teaching and learning, and active learning. Throughout his life, Bruner studied the dialectic between the past/present and the possibilities in the interaction between human beings and cultures, and the duality of acquiring and creating in learning. On the basis of these lifelong studies, Bruner formulated his pedagogical ideas. On the other hand, it was through the noticeable changes in his extended view of learning and culture that he came to acknowledge the social side of learning, the significance of contextual learning, and the multiplicity of representation. In the current article, claims against the common view of Bruner’s educational theory will be examined. Furthermore, the current article will discuss his educational theory with reference to the general findings of cognitive science, which his claims correspond to, on the whole. It is time for modern education to benefit from his educational theory and catch up with the advances in cognitive science and active learning.

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