Departmental Bulletin Paper The Value of “Schoolings” (or “Residencies”) in Low Residency Graduate Programs: Preliminary Findings (Nagoya Gakuin University Graduate School English Majors)

マグラス, ポール D.  ,  キャンベッル カレン L.

  This paper is the second part of an on-going study exploring the significance of “schoolings” (Japanese term) or “residencies” (US term) in two low-residency distance learning graduate programs, Nagoya Gakuin’s (NGU’s) English Studies program in Japan, and the Goddard Graduate Institute’s (GGI’s) Individualized MA programs in the US. We offer the results of a survey conducted with Nagoya Gakuin students and graduates on the value of schoolings, how/if they create community through attending schoolings, and place the findings in the context of other studies on various distance learning structures. We suggest foci for further purposive study in our institutions. (Some reflections on GGI students’ perspectives are also presented.)

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