Departmental Bulletin Paper “Reconsidering the Issue of Cultural, Ethnic, and Religious Identities ” : Learning from the History of Global Migration, Japanese History of Immigration, and a History of Cultural and Ethnic Identity.

小松, 照幸

  Human history is the history of wars and migration based on the cultural, ethnic and religious identities, and the conflicts that ensue from human ignorance, prejudice, and discrimination. This research aims to clarify this character viewed from the history of migration, and the Japan’s immigration history, and a history of cultural and ethnic identities.  Global human migration reveals complex factors and the survival process. The Japanese immigration shows economic pressure and the desire for the better life abroad until modern Japan gained strength as an economic power in the 1970s. The social discrimination and exclusion caused by prejudices are reflected in the historical analysis all through these themes, and they continue to impede global peace and human security. The modern day religious fanaticism of Islamic State (IS) is making devastating damages to world peace and human security. We are challenged to find new solutions within a new paradigm for world peace and security. The ideas of multi-culturalism and cultural relativism have continuously challenged world realities since the beginning of time, and must be addressed in order to alleviate these damaging world realities.

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