Departmental Bulletin Paper Ethno-terminology of Camels by Kazakh Language

今村, 薫  ,  アマンゾロバ, アルーア  ,  サルムルザウリ, ルスラン

Kazakh words related to camel were collected with the purpose to reveal the Kazakh people conception and traditional values of camels as domestic animals. Those words are used for the identification of camel individual (sex, age, and physical) characteristics, behavior, the purpose of use, etc. Diversity of camel breeds and hybrids in Kazakhstan has also been reflected in ethnoterminolgy. Many words are describing pecularities of camel breeding and its products, i.e. names of breeds, hybrids and so on. Many of those words are unique, since only in Kazakhstan both dromedary and bactrian camels are raised and freely used for the breeding.

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