Departmental Bulletin Paper The Use of Students' L1 in the ESL/EFL Classroom and the Role of the Native Speaking Teacher of English

ファロン, トーマス J.  ,  ウェヤンド クリントン H.

This article explores the concerns regarding the use of students' L1, Japanese, within the parameters of university level ESL/EFL classrooms. This review of research explores the ongoing debate from both sides of the argument. The inadequacies of language immersion defined as prescriptive teaching, problems concerning students' beliefs, attitudes, and motivations regarding language immersion, pros and cons of bilingual classroom dynamics, and the role of native speaking teachers of English (NSTE) within the current structure of Japanese academia will all be discussed. This exploration as well brings to light areas for further research regarding the efficacy of utilizing the students' L1 in an artificially constructed immersion environment.

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