Departmental Bulletin Paper 日本人介護福祉従事者が抱く外国人介護福祉従事者 に対する意識調査 ── 青森県八戸市における高齢者福祉施設職員への アンケート調査より ──

熊谷, 大輔

(56)  , pp.87 - 98 , 2018-03-30 , 八戸学院大学
It was found that Japanese care workers in rural areas feel discomfort when working with foreign care workers because Japanese care workers do not feel close to them. It was also confirmed that Japanese care workers tend to have a positive opinion about working with foreign care workers. Furthermore, it was revealed that Japanese care workers expect that foreign ones will provide a stimulus (vibrancy) to current nursing-care sites and bring new information. These results indicate that it is important to secure opportunities to interact with foreign care workers rather than having discussions about communication, in order to solve the problems with foreign care workers in rural areas, and it is essential to provide Japanese care workers with opportunities to communicate with foreign people.

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