Departmental Bulletin Paper 人生の最終段階における医療に対する在宅看護の役割

壬生, 寿子  ,  日當, ひとみ

(54)  , pp.27 - 37 , 2017-03-31 , 八戸学院大学
The choices to end of life care are diversifying. End of life care should care people of all ages from children to senior citizens, and have to focus on QOL that the patients are able to live their own life until their last moment.Moreover, it has been demanded that the medical treatment, nursing, and welfare should be united with patients’ life as well as Life/death problem and support of patients’ family are equally emphasized.In my conclusion, the role of home care is to respect patients’ dignity, and to support their family can make right decision on patients’ medical treatment, so that the patients can receive the best treatment they want.

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