Departmental Bulletin Paper 郊外型住宅団地の課題と電子エコマネーの可能性─ 青森市・幸畑団地の事例 ─

石橋, 修  ,  櫛引, 素夫  ,  柏谷, 至  ,  佐々木, てる  ,  田中, 志子  ,  小久保, 温  ,  坂井, 雄介

(51)  , pp.1 - 11 , 2015-12-24 , 八戸学院大学
In all areas of Japan, the decrease in the number of residents of suburban multi­unit apartment housing that were created in the 1960s and 1970s, along with the ensuing decline of local communities, have become major issues. Even in Aomori prefecture, issues concerning the increase of the number of elderly as well as the decrease in the number of residents of suburban multi­unit apartment housing are factors that have contributed to the increase of unoccupied housing.There is no simple strategy to counter this ensuing phenomenon. However, residents nation­wide are dealing with maintenance and restoration of community themselves, and the expanding efforts of residents’ cooperation and government assistance are also accelerating. This paper will inspect and report on the specific example of the regional rehabilitation of the Kobata multi­unit apartment in Aomori City, a program that started in 2013. Furthermore, this paper will summarize and report on the prospects of a new “electronic eco­money” idea that promotes the cooperation of residents in this area.

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