Departmental Bulletin Paper 八戸におけるハリストス正教会の宣教と源晟

木鎌, 耕一郎

(50)  , pp.83 - 93 , 2015-03-31 , 八戸学院大学
In the end of the Edo period through the Meiji Restoration, Some people in the warrior class in Tohoku studied Christianity from the missionaries in open at the cities of some open port, and became Christian. Most of them were engaged in the Freedom and People's Rights Movement. Akira Minamoto was such a person in Hachinohe, Aomori. In that time, some missionaries of the Russian Orthodox Church came to Hachinohe and Sannohe for the propagation. He became Christian, and devoted himself to mission work. He participated in the Freedom and People's Rights Movement after this. In this paper I view mission of the Russian Orthodox Church in Hachinohe and the life of Akira Miyamoto in reference to the precedent studies.

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