Departmental Bulletin Paper 看護学生の医療英語習得の成果 : 語彙に焦点を当てて
Examining the Improvement of Medical Vocabulary

鈴木, 寿摩  ,  森, 久子

近年のグローバル化に伴い、我々は日本国内においても英語でコミュニケーションを取らざるを得ない場面にしばしば遭遇する。病院での看護においてもそれは例外ではないであろう。将来看護職に就く学生を教育している日本赤十字豊田看護大学では、英語授業の中で一般英語と並行して医療英語を指導している。今回は医療英語の語彙習得に焦点を当て、その成果を検証するために、医療英語の語彙100 語を抽出し、入学時と1 年後にテストを実施した。その正答率を比較し、1 年間の医療語彙習得の伸びを測った。入学時の正答率は全体の平均で17%であったが1 年後には60%に上がった。個々の語彙の習得には大きな差異があるものの、全体としては語彙習得に伸びが見られた。本稿では語彙の習得の要因を考察する。
Along with globalization, we will be subjected to English as a means of communication whether we like it or not. Nurses in hospitals are no exception and, due to this, the need for English education for nursing students has become important. In English classes at Japanese Red Cross Toyota College of Nursing, “English for Nursing” is taught alongside “English for General Purposes”. In this paper, we focused on medical vocabulary learnt in class and measured how well students retained these medical words by giving them the same 100-word surprise test at the beginning and at the end of the academic year. The results showed an improvement on most of the tested items and the average accuracy rates were 17% at the beginning of the year and 60% at the end of the year. From these results, a certain positive learning outcome was recognized on the whole, although there was a diff erence in improvement among the individual words. Although vocabulary is not the only aspect of English learning, it can be concluded that the English teaching in regard to medical terms was eff ective to a certain degree.

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