Research Paper 被災地でのボランティアにおけるケアリング学習プログラムの検討

中島, 佳緒里

The purpose of this research is to make a communication learning program targeted for the college student who participates in a disaster area volunteer. First the feature of the communication was analyzed from 6 students who went to a disaster area. They thought that their communication isn’t supposed to injure a people in disaster area. Next, skill training (aggressive listening) was performed for 12 people. ENDCORs confirmed the effect of the training using the skill which is at the time of video watching, autonomic nerve activity and own evaluation. “Decipherment power” and “self-assertion” of ENDCORs scores was high significantly after training. On the other hand, though own value of aggressive listening was high, there were low use of a skill. We judged to have had the effect of training, but we thought own evaluation didn't reflect an actual performance.

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