Research Paper 術前訪問における手術室看護師の患者擁護実践評価指標の開発

中村, 裕美

This study was conducted to develop, determine the validity and reliability of the Nursing Advocacy Scale on Preoperative Nursing. The items contained in the Nursing Advocacy Scale on Preoperative Nursing originated from an examination of the theoretical models and focus group interview was conducted and existing nursing advocacy research literature. Content validity as measured by a content validity index was determined by a panel of six medical-surgical nursing experts using a method outlined by Lynn.The participants were systemically selected by Japanese Nursing Association Certified Nurse list. Analysis of the returned questionnaires(number of valid responses443, Certified Nurses153,nurses290,female386,male57) was performed using exploratory principal components analysis with promax rotation, which resulted in the items loading onto four components;(1) speaking on behalf of clients=8items; and (2) acting on behalf of clients=3items;(3) the advocate as protector of patients’ autonomy =4items; (4) the advocate as guardian of patients’ rights =3items.The four subscales have sufficient internal consistency, as did the overall the Nursing Advocacy Scale on Preoperative Nursing. Satisfactory evidence of content validity and reliability were determined.

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