Research Paper マタニティ・ヨーガの効果の検証とその最適化に関する研究

野口, 眞弓

The short- and long-term effects of maternity yoga were examined in participants of a maternity yoga class. Salivary amylase activity (sAA) was used to measure the stress. Questionnaires were used to measure mental health condition (GHQ28) and childbirth self-efficacy (CSE). The effects of gestation age on GHQ28 and CSE were removed using the data of non-yoga class participants.The data were provided by 170 yoga class participants and 286 non-yoga class participants who gave informed consent. Analysis of the data yielded statistically significant positive effects. As a short-term effects, yoga practice lowered the stress represented by sAA. As long-term effects, we found that a higher frequency of attending the yoga class improved the score of childbirth self-efficacy and a greater decrease of sAA by yoga practice improved her mental health score.

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