Departmental Bulletin Paper 手術看護認定看護師の周手術期看護における思考過程の特徴
Characteristics on the Thinking Processes of Certified Nurses in Perioperative Nursing

竹村, 幸子  ,  中村, 裕美  ,  村瀬, 智子

本研究の目的は、手術看護認定看護師が術前に把握した患者の全体像を、どのように周手術期看護へと活かしているのかという経験に着目し、看護経験の語りの中から手術看護認定看護師の思考過程の特徴を明らかにすることである。研究デザインは質的記述的研究で、研究参加の同意が得られた手術看護認定看護師6 名を研究協力者とした。半構成的面接法にてデータを収集し、質的帰納的に分析を行った結果9 つの最終コアカテゴリーが抽出され、手術看護認定看護師の思考過程の特徴として以下のことが示された。①看護の対象が人であることを意識し、患者の心身に触れることで信頼関係を構築する ②患者とその家族に周手術期を通したケアリングを提供する ③術前には経験から培った看護の知を大切にして患者の全体像を把握し、術中には器械出しと外回りという二面性のあるケアの提供、術後には自己のケアを省察する ④スタッフ教育による手術看護の底上げが重要と考えている。
This study aimed to reveal the characteristics of certifi ed nurses in perioperative nursing thought processes by conducting interviews with nurses about their experiences of how they applied information on patients’ overall state̶obtained during the preoperative period̶when they performed perioperative nursing activities.This study used a qualitative descriptive design. Participants were six operating room nurses who agreed to participate in this study. Data were collected using a semi-structured interview and analyzed using qualitative and inductive methods. As a result, nine fi nal core categories were extracted, which indicated the following characteristics of their thought processes.(1) Establish a rapport with patients by understanding patients’ mental and physical conditions, while respecting their dignity as human beings; (2) provide care to patients and their families throughout the perioperative period; (3) understand patients’ overall state during the preoperative period based on nursing knowledge derived from prior nursing experiences, perform two types of tasks̶that of a scrub nurse and of a circulating nurse̶during theoperation, and refl ect on nursing care tasks after the operation has been performed; and (4) deem it important to improve the operating room nursing quality through staff education.

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