Departmental Bulletin Paper 初期研修医に対する医療安全教育における臨床研修部と医療安全推進室の取り組み
Patient Safety training for the Residents in Teaching Hospital

横江, 正道  ,  関, 行雄  ,  小瀬, 裕美子  ,  古尾, 麻紀  ,  伊藤, 義高  ,  杉本, 憲治  ,  七里, 守  ,  小笠原, 智彦  ,  稲熊, 大城  ,  安藤, 恒三郎

New Medical Residents who graduates university a short time ago have not been familiar with patient care and patient safety at all. They needs participating in the Patient Safety Program before working in the teaching hospital to prevent from clinical incidents and accidents in the orientation. In our orientation for the newly adopted residents, the small group discussion about the mistakes and error that the residents will face after working was provided. Then after discussion, the real incident reports were shown for them, and they argued the difference between their ideas and real residents’ incidents. Exactly, only the lectures and discussions would not have big effect for them, the transfer simulation of patients were performed. In this simulation, the residents have each role of doctor, nurse, patient and observer. During simulation, they performed each role as much as they can, however, they faced a lot of difficult problem that were caused by the lack of knowledge and information and inexperience of medical facilities and equipment. From these experience of orientation, they found the pitfalls of medical site, the importance of confirmation and re-confi rmation, and adequate communication with team member. At the time of orientation when the residents work in the real situation, the simulation-based orientation has a big signifi cance for the residents to make seedlings awareness of patient safety.

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