Research Paper 交感神経系神経堤幹細胞及び神経芽腫幹細胞の分離同定と分化階層の解析

黒川, 景

In neuroblastoma cell lines, morphological transconversion between cells with neuronal process (N-type) and flat cells (S-type) are observed. Transconversion of cell surface markers correlating with morphological changes and differentiation of neuroblastoma cells were found. From several transconverting cell fractions, a cell population with a fixed combination of cell surface markers was derived. This population was morphologically N-type with rapid proliferation. It was suggested that this population forms a lower rank of differention than transconverting cell populations from the view point of cell surface markers. A definite hierarchy like developmental process of neural crest cell differentiation was not observed in neuroblastoma.

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