Departmental Bulletin Paper ADの嗅覚障害とR・Wilson報告(Arch of General Psychiatry:2007)に関する考察 - チョコレート、レモン、石鹸臭の同定能低下はADリスクが高いとする指摘と早期診断への応用について -

関, 一彦||セキ, カズヒコ ||Seki, Kazuhiko  ,  渡邉, 知倫||ワタナベ, トモミチ||Watanabe, Tomomichi

27p.202 , 2016-03 , 帝京平成大学
In recent years, the involvement of olfactory disorders in neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's disease (AD) and Parkinson's disease has received attention. Since 1995, the authors have studied how olfactory disorders relate to these and other diseases. Over the years, we have encountered interesting studies from other researchers, among them, one by R. Wilson that employed an olfactory test using 12 products. They found that AD risk was higher in subjects with a decreased ability to identify chocolate, lemon, and soap smells. They stated that hyposmia was likely a precursor symptom of AD, and that olfactory tests may be useful in early diagnosis. In this article, we reexamine this study, discuss findings from the authors' research, examine connections between the two, and consider future developments including clinical applications.

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