Departmental Bulletin Paper 看護教員の能力に関する文献レビュー - 看護教員の能力に関する研究動向と課題 -

船場, 清三||フナバ, キヨミ ||Funaba, Kiyomi  ,  鈴木, 祐子||スズキ, ユウコ||Suzuki, Yuko

27p.193 , 2016-03 , 帝京平成大学
The purpose of this study is to clarify trend of recent study on nursing teacher competency, and is to get suggestion about issue for evaluation of competency and improvement of the quality of nursing teacher. The search engine used a medical central magazine web version. I searched documents from 2010-2015, the search words made `nurse' `teacher' ʻaptitude/competency', and the kind of documents used original papers. From 201 extracted documents, I assumed 13 documents target documents by selection criteria. The competence of the nursing teacher treated in documents was a “nursing practical competency< “educational practical competency< “research competency< “management competency< “clinical instruction competency<. The reflection to FD activity, it is necessary to let improvement of the quality reflect self-evaluation and others evaluation of nursing teacher competency. I think that working on research competency and clinical instruction competency has a more important meaning.

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