Departmental Bulletin Paper 小学校における助産師による思春期教育

大澤, 豊子||オオサワ, トヨコ ||Osawa, Toyoko  ,  森田, 桂子||モリタ, ケイコ ||Morita, Keiko

27p.182 , 2016-03 , 帝京平成大学
In school education, a variety of puberty classroom by midwives to attend to the place of life birth came to be practiced. We carried out a pubertal lesson under the theme of “the importance of the life< for sixth graders from a fourth grader from 2012 (24, Heisei) year. This time, the meaning and the subject of a midwife performing puberty education are described from practice of a puberty classroom. Characteristic of puberty classroom carried out by the midwife is the education for life it enhances sense of selfaffirmation and self-respect by conveying the importance of life. Education which leads to building of relationship of mutual trust by cooperating with an area each other densely and fits children can be put into effect.

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