Departmental Bulletin Paper 保育現場における楽器導入の仕方を考える - 保育者の願いと幼児の発達とのギャップを通して -

乙部, はるひ||オトベ, ハルヒ ||Otobe, Haruhi

27p.108 , 2016-03 , 帝京平成大学
We can't see many musical activities in the nursery. It is main reason that teachers feel difficult about the instrumental education for children. This study aim to reveal the gap between wishes of teacher and the developmental stage of children by video analyses of experimental activities for three-yearsold children who have not met instruments yet. As a result, teachers tend to expect and try to practice instrumental activities over the developmental stage of children. I think it is important that teachers understand the present situation of children and introduce adequately instruments for children rather than aiming for the high level. It is necessary that teachers prepare always instruments in the nursery room and children pray freely everyday with them.

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