Departmental Bulletin Paper 教育・研究・社会貢献活動のための小規模ICTシステム構築のすすめ

山中, 脩也||ヤマナカ, ナオヤ ||Yamanaka, Naoya  ,  吉岡, 剛志||ヨシオカ, ツヨシ ||Yoshioka, Tsuyoshi  ,  森倉, 悠介||モリクラ, ユウスケ ||Morikura, Yusuke

27p.93 , 2016-03 , 帝京平成大学
Recently, a personal ICT (Information and Communication Technology) system is useful for everyday life. In the field of education, research and social contribution activities at higher education institutions, the small-scale ICT systems have also been widely used. Here, we introduce an easy-to-use system built by ourselves, and summarize the practices to the fields of the system. In particular, we focus on the following usage. ・Usage as LMS (Learning Management System) in tuition ・Usage for construction of co-editable site ・Usage for student advising in laboratory ・Usage for work-sharing The system has been built in a cloud server (Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud)1) provided by and a CMS (Content Management System) is being used on it. As CMS, we adopted WordPress 3) on Amazon Linux OS provided by “WordPress powered by AMIMOTO< 2). According to W3Techs 4) and Gigazine 5), the share of WordPress reached 25.0% of websites all over the world. There are cases where it is possible to effectively utilize WordPress built on Amazon EC2 in the field of education, research and social contribution activities. If you think that working efficiency in such fields improves by building the small-scale ICT system in this article, we would like to recommend the aggressive introduction to building the system.

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