Departmental Bulletin Paper 国際比較を通じたスクールソーシャルワークの定義の一考察

米川, 和雄||ヨネカワ, カズオ||Yonekawa, Kazuo  ,  皆川, 智寛||ミナガワ, トモヒロ ||Minagawa, Tomohiro  ,  千葉, 広大||チバ, コウダイ ||Chiba, Kodai  ,  飯野, 有紀||イイノ, ユキ||Ino, Yuki  ,  塩澤, 綾子||シオザワ, アヤコ ||Shiozawa, Ayako  ,  岩澤, 宣明||イワサワ, ノブアキ||Iwasawa, Nobuaki  ,  寺田, 翼||テラダ, ツバサ||Terada, Tsubasa

27p.66 , 2016-03 , 帝京平成大学
The purpose of this study is to examine the definition of school social work through the international comparison of “the definition<, “the goal<, “the prowess< of school social work within 32 countries. As a result, in the definition of school social work, it was suggested the need to include (1) achieving the purpose of schools and education, (2) activities for the preventing and addressing the problem, and developing the ability for children and the environment, (3) community work from case work with counseling or consultation.

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