Departmental Bulletin Paper 昭和20年代の『信州民報』が報じた未亡人問題とその打開策の解明

中嶌, 洋||ナカシマ, ヒロシ ||Nakashima, Hiroshi

27p.55 , 2016-03 , 帝京平成大学
In the period of Showa 20's, destitutions in daily living, include widow's problems, suffered many people. To recovery in post war, several methods were tried, for example, conversazione, remarriage, home work, informal work, cooperation, and so on. On the one hand, from the ideological reformation, some trials were performed, JIYUDAIGAKU movement, cinematograph, life improvable committee, lady specialized committee, citation of great widow, etc. This paper focuses on the period of Showa 20's, local newspaper “SHINSHU MINPO<, to elucidate widow's problems and the solution. And then, we'll how these current lead to establish the home-help service system in Nagano prefecture in April 1956. Particularly, both practical and ideological approach were necessary, but it's not enough. Furthermore this paper was also replay to Tomoko YAMADA, she commented on my first book in the magazine “SHAKAIJIGYOSHI<(No.46,2014).

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