Departmental Bulletin Paper 「チーム学校」としての意識のもと、主体的に学校運営に参画する教職員の育成

菊池, 均

 In the past nineteen years, I was engaged in the school management as the vice-principal and the principal of the junior high schools which had various types of problems to solve, such as the students’ juvenile delinquencies, their parents’ strong claims, students’ inactive attitude towards their learning and so forth. Thanks to many peoples’ great help and cooperation, I could try my best to solve those problems with all the staffs of the very schools and the board of education. I am now proud of all my staffs who supported me. Since this April, I have had great opportunities to teach to the postgraduate students in Miyagi University of Education. In this essay I would like to refer to how to cultivate the teachers who can positively cope with the school management based on the awareness of ‘Team School’, focusing on the next two points. The first one is how to stimulate the teachers’ motivation towards the school management, and the second one is how to relate my various experiences of the school management to my lectures and workshops for the graduate-students.

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