Departmental Bulletin Paper 教室で行う宇宙の実験-11:宮教大モバイル天文台を活用した星空観察授業の構築

高田, 淑子  ,  白畑, 友貴  ,  熊谷, 祐輝  ,  美濃山, 蛍

 MUE Mobile Telescope, an Internet Telescope remotely controlled by mobile PCs, was developed in Miyagi University of Education. Mobile PCs are wireless, and excellent in portability. Therefore, it is possible students can operate the Internet Telescope remotely from anywhere in the classroom and observe stars in class. 20 pupils experienced the observation of astronomical objects using ⑴ the Mobile Telescope, ⑵ telescopes, and ⑶ their naked eyes without any tools in the field. They evaluated the Mobile Telescope as an effective teaching material in class in school, although they preferred observing with naked eyes.

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