Departmental Bulletin Paper 宮城教育大学上杉地区における地質ボーリングコア標本と理科学習での活用

川村, 寿郎  ,  菅澤, 丹杜  ,  島本, 昌憲

 Geological boring core was obtained in the Kamisugi campus area of Miyagi University of Education. It excavates 40 meter deep section of Holocene alluvial deposits, Late Pleistocene terrace deposits, shallow marine deposits of the Pliocene Tatsunokuchi Formation, and terrestrial deposits of the Pliocene – Late Miocene Kameoka Formation in descending order. In order to utilize the boring core as teaching materials in elementary and secondary school science, we prepared the resin-mounted core specimen and examined teaching methods to study geology and ancient environments of the own area as the following aims; to basically know space and materials of the underground, to understand formation of the strata by drawing a columnar section, to recognize horizontal expansion of the strata by correlation with several columnar sections or geological maps, to estimate depositional environments of the strata by lithological or fossil evidences, and to infer geohistorical changes of the area.

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