Departmental Bulletin Paper スクールカウンセリングの創造(12):学校適応支援と教員養成課程

佐藤, 静

 The purpose of this study was to examine the curriculum for teacher training at the university from the viewpoint of school counseling. School counseling is an educational guidance and support program conducted with the cooperation of school teachers and school counselors and is part of the support given to students in their adjustment to school life. We developed an overview of the curriculum and contents of teacher training course at the Miyagi University of Education as an example. School counseling has been focusing on resolving problems such as bullying and non-attendance at school. The students need to learn how to conduct school counseling through interactional experience with children and teachers. Especially, the students must have the aptitude and skills to effectively utilize school counseling. In view of this study, we must consider the educational contents of the Graduate School of Teacher Education.

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