Departmental Bulletin Paper イギリスニ大政党制における学校・教員に関する政策

本図, 愛実

 When we consider the desirable educational policy such as be supported by the people, it is useful that we see the policy augment going to change the government through the two-party system since it may not happen all the time in JAPAN. There are the two-party system in the U.K. and the U.S.A. From observing those changing government, we can notice their educational policy argument are focused on school management system and teaching profession, and belong to the context contributing to economy. After changing the government in the U.K., the coalition government has been succeeding to checks and balances system consisted of decentralized to school, evaluation by outside agency and school choice, which were confirmed in previous government. Otherwise the coalition government promotes Academies and Free schools as new school management system. It also push forward the school-led system by mainly teaching schools, which role is to initial teacher education, professional development and school self-improvement. It points out that the commitment to school governance by the people depending on their own position and the explanation for the people the result of education policy is important if educational policy would get to the public endorsement. We should carefully watch school-led system proceeding since continuing professional development needs broad and theoretical support.

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