Departmental Bulletin Paper スクールカウンセリングの創造(11) :不登校支援の再検討:平成26年度仙台市生徒指導問題等懇談会提言を基に

佐藤, 静

 According to statistical research conducted by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, the rate of children and students who are non-attendance at school has remained relatively unchanged since 2001, with a slight increase or decrease since then. This relatively unchanged state is due to the fact that children and students who are non-attendance at school graduate from school each year but new ones come to take their place. In this paper, we reviewed the 2014 recommendation of the Council on Educational Guidance of the Sendai City Education Bureau and examined their approach to non-attendance at school. The process of their support was divided into four stages; attendance (daily/usual school life), tendency toward non-attendance, non-attendance and return to school. We have to support not only those who are non-attendance at school, but we have to support all children and students in their daily school lives.

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