Departmental Bulletin Paper Putting an Active Learning Approach into Practice: The case study of a primary school English classroom in Japan.

NEMOTO, Alison

 The primary school affiliated to the Miyagi University of Education is currently focused on developing an active learning approach for the education of pupils in all subjects as part of a four year research project. This paper will examine the general principles of active learning, the school’s own definitions of active learning in its context and more importantly how the lessons they are producing match up to these aims. Early results gauged by looking at lessons themselves and students' comments, show evidence of some early achievements, but by analyzing the lessons one by one, areas still in need of development have been identified too. These limitations can then be worked on in the remaining time this project continues for the benefit of the teachers involved. More importantly, however it will be favorable for the students experiencing classes in a more active way making their education more meaningful and developing essential skills for their lives in this ever-changing and advancing global society.

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