Departmental Bulletin Paper 持続可能な社会の建設(V):水素の液化:水素社会:洋上太陽光発電基地

草野, 清信

 A new method to construct an electric power generation unit (12km2) which is made up by 6 basic power units, has been proposed in this paper. Moreover, the energy required to maintain and operate the Ocean photovoltaic power generation base has been revealed to be approximately 25% of the available energy that is brought out from the produced electrolysis hydrogen. This numerical value 25% is the same as an oil field, so that,shows that "the hydrogen society” which is composed by both the ocean photovoltaic power generation base and the fuel cell is feasible. This society is being a CO2-free society enabling prevention of global warming,and a de-nuclear power society, and a sustainable society, which possesses all characteristics demanded in the 21st century.

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